Your Digital Age Accountant

We are an independent Accounting Firm (Fiduciaire) based between Geneva and Lausanne. We’re here to help businesses with their accounting needs and we help produce tax returns for businesses and individuals. We specialize in online services.

But Also More

We have a worldwide customer base who call on us to help and manage digital implementation strategiesbusiness planswhitepapers, financing needs, strategic ventures and to assist with Swiss accounting and tax needs from an international perspective.

Financial Advisory Services

Count on our experienced professionals to assist you with business plans, whitepapers, business agreements and much more. We’ve developed all sorts of companies and are ready to take on interim roles and represent companies with tact and experience.

Valuable Ideas

We’re happy giving you quality advice and performing standard accounting and tax advisory services. We’re also here to help give you value-added services and to help you plan better financially.

Digital Transformation Agents

We consider digital transformations from an accounting, operational and human perspective. See how we can assist you in effectively modernising processes.

Timely Responses

We aim to respond to queries within 24 hours, and to give you a clear outline of what needs to be done, and what we propose to do. When necessary we ask for extensions for complicated tax office-related questions to avoid unnecessary fines whenever possible.

Our Team

Our team is widely experienced in accounting, banking, M&A transactions, international tax advisory blended with real business experience. We’re ready to offer high quality relevant consulting services in English and French. We add value through our knowledge of accounting and tax implications.

Our Philosophy

With our combined 80 years of experience we appreciate how to put client interests at the heart of our business, ready to explain the pros and cons of different approaches. We aim to let you decide on your options with the best information and recommendations at hand.