International Business

We operate out of Switzerland, but have lots of experience with international business. Maybe you’re visiting this page because you need a local accounting partner in Switzerland, or are considering establishing yourself here?

  • Thinking of selling to Switzerland?
  • Want to establish an office or a physical presence?
  • Wondering how to get started?
  • Want to settle in Switzerland?

Wondering what you’ll be paying in taxes and other charges?

Dividends: Companies in Switzerland can only distribute dividends from earned income & there is a (reclaimable) 35% withholding tax on dividends
VAT: Companies with global sales of over CHF 100,000 (US$ 100,000) selling to Switzerland need to register for Swiss VAT
Low Tax Rates: Switzerland benefits from relatively low corporate (around 15%) and personal tax rates, and VAT is 7.7%

We work with you to find the most appropriate solution based on your needs and those of any eventual stakeholders.

We give you a bilingual service in English & French.

We have plenty of experience of international business, and the different perspectives people from outside of Switzerland may have.


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