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Need Financial Expertise?

We have clients for whom we work as the financial partner, and can be incorporated within their structure, both in Switzerland and internationally. This is ideal for businesses that are small, need to control costs and don’t require a full time CFO, but who can benefit from having a trusted partner to represent their interests.

We can help you review the most appropriate place to establish your business, and then agree on practical processes to make the collaboration run seamlessly, often using the digital tools we have at our disposal.

Budget and Billing Assistance

We can support you with your budgeting needs and financial forecasts. Additionally, we are here to help with billing processes and to follow-up on unpaid bills including credit collection and aging analyses. Our proposed automated systems can also assist in these tasks.

Other key ways we help

External Accounting Function: But it works so well that your clients wouldn’t even know that we’re not working from the same office as you. We can also help relieve you in times of seasonal upturns or when staff are absent for a period of time.
Directorship roles: In some instances we can act as a director of the company.
Financing Partner: We can represent your interests when dealing with financial institutions, and help to prepare any required documentation.
Treasury Management: We produce internal cash projections and help you plan financing needs and where to keep cash, and in what currency.
Business Valuation: If you’re looking to buy or sell a business or unit, or need a valuation for some other reason, with our background in Corporate Finance & M&A we are well-place to assist you in this process.

What makes this model work so well

In today’s working world of job slashing, tight budgets, low margins, but high potential, it becomes vital to have someone who understands your constraints and can work with you to find a workable solution. Someone who will also advise you on the best steps to take to help avoid future problems and can take the relevant steps to put your business on the right track, including preparing various legal agreements and structuring combined ventures.


How can we help you?
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We can offer a highly cost-effective service, and make a real difference to your venture.