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Tax Returns

We’re here to help individuals and companies submit their Swiss tax returns, or to answer associated queries. We work in English and French, and can even assist in Dutch, Swedish & Norwegian.

We help fill out tax returns for businesses and individuals in Switzerland providing you with a fast and efficient service. Cases with international perspectives are also common for us to deal with.

We’re also here to assist in answering enquiries concerning your tax affairs with a personalized and efficient service. This allows you to better understand what you need to do and prepare to answer the relevant authorities.

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Commonly Asked Questions

If you receive a tax assessment you typically only have 30 days to respond. Do not delay in contacting us to review your case otherwise you may lose your right to appeal any unfounded assessment by the tax authorities.

Individuals are expected to submit their annual tax returns by 15 March every year, but it is easy to have an extension until 30 June, but in many Cantons a specific request needs to be made.

Corporations have 6 months after their year ends to submit a corporation tax return together with their accounts.

There are many available deductions for the tax return so there are many documents you should keep. Additionally, as Switzerland applies a wealth tax you also need to keep all documents related to your assets as of 31 December.

We have prepared a checklist of documents you should provide us with.


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