DIGI.SWISS benefits from a Swiss and International network of talented and experienced professionals with experience in finance, accounting, banking, management, corporate governance and restructurings. For expertise in web technologies we have an advantageous working relationship with ARTELABS – a Geneva-based Web Development Company specialising in high security online environments. Together we offer customers an integrated solution consisting of:

Defining the needs: We review current working processes, including the business environment (type of business), number of customers & associated invoices, number and type of employees (on-site versus remote), reporting & accounting needs as well as the operating languages.
Offer of appropriate systems: Based on our analysis we suggest appropriate systems to improve processes and make it easier for your team to work coherently whilst improving internal controls. We offer propose Open Source solutions which mitigate future ongoing costs.
Deployment: Our team has multidisciplinary skills to draw on to get the project done, including the technical infrastructure and working with the customer to deploy the solution. We can work with employees to coach them on the use of the new system to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

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Key benefits

  • Automated quotes & invoicing
  • Regularly updated digital dashboard
  • Better control of outstanding debtors
  • Improved stock control
  • Integration between key internal functions
  • Improved customer satisfaction

Productivity increases

Some of the Accounting Systems & Integrated CRM & ERP Systems our customers are using:

Open Source

Dolibarr – Easy to install and to get going with. and it can automate many processes, including sending out invoices. Very good for very small teams.

Odoo – Can be harder to get going with, but has more features and integrated apps. For fast growing companies, or those with at least 5 employees, this is what we normally recommend. There are commercial versions of Odoo too, and many sources for paid support.

For small businesses

EZYcount – If all you need is some reliable cloud-based accounting software, possibly with an integrated billing module, and the assurance of some great support then this is a sensible option. The personal touch and interesting pricing plans make this one to consider.


How can we help you?
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Needs Analysis

We are not tied to one system; we can help you choose the most appropriate solution for your needs. Our team of specialists have a wide variety of competencies for your use.

Deployment Assistance

We are ready to help you deploy the relevant system to ensure the most effective returns on your investment in the future.

Quality Hosting

Our servers are based in Switzerland with top level support and a reliable backbone. We can also provide our custom service on other servers worldwide.

Ease of Use

You don’t need to install the system, we will do it for you. We can even help transition from your existing accounting systems and suggest new documented processes and procedures that allow you to work better with the new system.

Data Protection

We protect your data and ensure regular backups.

Are you interested in modernising your processes to enhance productivity?