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How much would automating your processes save you?

DIGI.SWISS benefits from a Swiss and International network of talented and experienced professionals with experience in finance, accounting, banking, management, corporate governance and restructurings.

Our team has cross-border experience, and benefits from Switzerland’s central position in Europe, as well as its international outlook. We’re used to performing cross-border consulting services in a multitude of languages.

Need some outside help?

We have a pluridisciplinary skills base available for you. Contact us to see if we can put together the team and skill set you need.

Key benefits

  • Automated quotes & invoicing
  • Regularly updated digital dashboard
  • Better control of outstanding debtors
  • Better stock control
  • Better integration between key internal functions
  • Lower costs with better financial controls
  • Improved customer satisfaction

Productivity increases

  • Digitised Information
  • Productivity

Some of the Accounting Systems & Integrated CRM & ERP Systems our customers are using:

Open Source

Dolibarr – Easy to install and to get going with. and it can automate many processes, including sending out invoices. Very good for very small teams.

Odoo – Can be harder to get going with, but has more features and integrated apps. For fast growing companies, or those with at least 5 employees, this is what we normally recommend. There are commercial versions of Odoo too, and many sources for paid support.

For small businesses

Ezycount – If all you need is some reliable cloud-based accounting software, possibly with an integrated billing module, and the assurance of some great support then this is a sensible option. The personal touch and interesting pricing plans make this one to consider.