The Most Cost-Effective Swiss Cloud-Based Accounting Solution for Small Businesses in Switzerland

now comes with a made-to-measure accounting and tax service to complete the year 

Perfect Fit

Extensive knowledge of EZYcount. We have adapted our service to give specialised support to EZYcount users.

Online Service

We offer a Swiss-based online service adhering to Swiss tax and reporting requirements

Administrative Tasks

We review your business accounts, ask relevant questions and prepare the necessary forms (e.g. VAT reconciliation, Tax, Payslips, Salary Declarations)

Some of Our Pricing Plans

Contact us for any specific requirements and we can review your needs and give you a free quote. By reviewing your present EZYcount accounts online we should be able to determine what you may need.


CHF 750*

per annum

For SMEs with up to:
200 annual transactions
2 employees
We offer:
Account closing
Reconcile with VAT
Annual salary declarations
We check your figures to make
social security returns
Corporate tax return


CHF 1,000*

per annum

As with Basic, with up to:
1,000 annual transactions
3 employees


CHF 2,000*

per annum

Having problems with your accounting?
We fix the accounts and
check your entries based
on your documents provided
to us digitally.
For SMEs using EZYcount

Freelancers & Associations

CHF 300*

per annum

For Freelancers & Associations with no VAT registration who have kept proper accounting records using EZYcount

We offer:
Account closing
Corporate tax return

* Conditions

These prices reflect instances where accounts using EZYcount have been kept to the standards prescribed in the offer. After reviewing the accounts DIGI.SWISS SA reserves the right to inform the client if any additional work is necessary that is beyond the scope of this offer.