Success is where preparation and opportunity meet

With many years of experience and tried & tested methods of showing the most relevant information for potential financing partners and other stakeholders, DIGI.SWISS team members are ideally placed to help you present your new business idea in the best way possible.

We take your idea, with you dissect the parts that will make it work, and build a comprehensive business and financial plan that can be defended in front of Venture Capitalists and other potential sources of finance.

Additional Startup Help from DIGI.SWISS

We help you clearly define your strategy in the context of your market environment and the selected customer base. We listen to your ideas and synthesise these into a comprehensible written format.

Our experience in many aspects of the financial markets allows us to be a key partner in developing clear financials plans that can withstand scrutiny from potential investors and financial partners.

We proactively help you in deploying your plan using our vast knowledge in the areas of digitisation, market developments and financial aspects.


We also prepare Whitepapers with the same level of care in order to present your idea to a wider universe of potential backers. Leverage our experience in new technology ventures tied with a strong appreciation of international accounting and legal dimensions. We work with you to avoid common pitfalls.

In certain circumstances we can work on a success fee basis, or equity participation, Contact Us to find out more.


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